Capitol Christmas Tree Visits Dahlonega 11/24-25

2 Nov

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The Bridger-Teton National Forest, at the request of Senator John Barrasso, is leading the State of Wyoming in the delivery of the Capitol Christmas Tree for 2010. The Capitol Christmas Tree will grace the west front lawn of the U.S. Capitol in December, 2010. A 65 foot tree was selected from Bridger-Teton National Forest of western Wyoming. The tree was selected in July by the Superintendent of the Capitol Grounds and it will be cut, loaded, covered and prepped for travel in November.

In mid-November, the tree will be toured across the state of Wyoming before heading east to the U.S. Capitol. In late November, the tree will be delivered to the U.S. Capitol, where it will be lowered into 5-foot deep hole, strung with lights, and decorated with thousands of handcrafted ornaments made by Wyomingites from across the State. In December, the Speaker of the House will light the tree and showcase Wyoming’s historical, cultural and natural beauty.

The Capitol Christmas Tree will be in Dahlonega on Wednesday, November 24th and Thursday, November 25th. A ceremony is planned for the arrival of the tree in Downtown Dahlonega on November 24th. Dahlonega is the only town that the Capitol Christmas Tree will visit in Dahlonega because our local trucking company, Jeff Underwood Trucking, received the honor of transporting the tree from Wyoming to the U.S. Capitol! Don’t miss all of the excitement downtown as Freddie Way is in concert, Santa visits Dahlonega and a special ceremony is held to celebrate the Capitol Christmas Tree! View the tree and sign the banner and be a part of history!


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