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Biking is Big in Dahlonega

23 Sep

The North Georgia mountains around Dahlonega have been a long time favorite of tourists who want to enjoy beautiful mountains. In the past several years the area has also become a favorite among road and mountain bicyclists.

Over the last six and a half years we have been open as a bed and breakfast inn we have seen first hand the popularity of these beautiful mountains with bicycle riders. Often we see them slowly climbing up the mountain in front of the inn on US 19.

Lately there have been cyclocross races scheduled at Montaluce Vineyards. The next one scheduled is 10/18/2009 at Montaluce. Cyclocross bikes are a cross between a road and mountain bike. The races typically require riders to complete a course with off and on road as well as areas where the rider gets off the bike and carries it. It can be exciting to watch.

We also have seen a resurgence in interest in the mountain biking scene. Nimblewheel gap is a favorite. The Fools Gold 100 and 50 mile mountain bike races were held this summer.

This weekend we have the 6 Gap Century ride across the mountains. Many riders participate in the event.

In past years we have also been host to a leg of the Tour de Georgia road bike race. Lance Armstrong has ridden in front of the inn a couple of times. The race was cancelled this year due to funding but is scheduled to return in 2010. Many of our guests return every year for the event. The downtown finish line area is always festive and exiting.

There is a new web site that covers biking in the North Georgia mountains in the Dahlonega area. Upcoming races and rides are also featured. Visit Dahlonega Cycling for more information.


Six Gap Century Bike Race Registration Now Open

8 Apr

Registration for the 21st Annual Six Gap Century and Three Gap Fifty Bike Ride to be held on Sunday, September 27, 2009, is now open.

Every year we look forward to our returning and new guests who participate in this event.

This year there is also the 2nd Annual Valley Ride which is a 35 mile course for those not wishing to ride longer distances. The Valley Ride features some of the most scenic mountainside in the Southeast USA. It will cast a special spotlight onto Yahoola Valley, Turner’s Corner and R-Ranch in the Mountains which are located near Cedar House Inn and Yurts.

A major change was made to the route last year bringing the Century Ride up to 11,200 vertical feet of climbing. For registration information, route maps, cue sheets and elevation profiles for the 6 Gap Century, 3 gap Fifty and Valley Ride visit web site.

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