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Goodbye to Stu

14 Jul

Very sad day at Cedar House Inn today.stu

Many of you remember our official greeter and beloved dog Stu. He would greet guests with Fred in the parking lot or Mary Beth when guests came in the inn front door. Many guests loved him since he was so friendly and full of love, enthusiasm and energy.

He loved guests scratching him on the rear and petting him! He was also fond of breakfast leftovers too which we had to restrict later on since he was putting on weight.

Today we had to put him  to sleep. He was 16 years old and having problems with walking. He had moved from the inn to our son’s house about six months ago because he had difficulty climbing the stairs to our second floor owner’s suite where he slept at night. The arthritis had taken its toll over the years with Fred trying to keep him comfortable with glucosamine and other natural treatments.

With our two sons and our son’s girlfriend we said goodbye dear friend and family member. The vetstu2 arrived at 5 pm so we got there early to love him, scratch him behind the ears (his favorite) and spend some quality time saying goodbye. We knew it was time for him to go since he wasn’t wagging his tail when we petted him. He seemed to appreciate the attention however from the look in his eyes.

Our son who is a chef cooked him a last supper of steak and salmon. He gobbled it right down. One thing for sure is that Stu always loved food and today he loved it too!

Once the vet arrived we all took turns loving him while he got the first shot (a sedative) and the final shot that would take him from us forever and take away his pain from old age.

We will miss him so much and know guests who have stayed with us will miss his smile, wagging tail and petting him. Putting him to sleep was the hardest thing we have ever done and we have heavy hearts.

So long “bubba Stu”. We will never forget you and the joys you brought us over the last 16 years.stu3


Meet the Innkeepers at Cedar House Inn & Yurts, Dahlonega, GA

17 Nov

A recent guest took this short video of Fred and Mary Beth, the innkeepers and owners of Cedar House Inn and Yurts in Dahlonega, GA. They talk about how they started the inn 11 years ago, what makes their inn different from other lodging and permaculture on the property.

Cedar House Inn & Yurts Featured on Green Gigs

29 Apr

Recently we received an email from Green Gigs, an online blog about green careers, asking us if we would like to be inteviewed for a future story. We were pleased to help.

You can view the interview and story at Green Gigs.

Innkeeping & Right Livelihood

17 Mar

At Cedar House Inn we receive a number of guests living in the city who are questioning their current state of living. They commute great distances to jobs that do not provide fulfillment or security. We certainly came from a similar situation in the past. We tell some our of story at About the Hosts on our inn web site.

One thing that we learned early on in operating a five unit bed and breakfast in the country was that we needed to have multiple streams of income. The inn provides the majority of our living expenses most of the year. The one exception is during the winter months when the area is not appealing to tourists. Times can get lean and we have created other income streams to help us survive.

My wife has a part time tutoring position at nearby Brenau University in Gainesville. She tutors international students two days a week in writing. It is a great release for her to get away from me and the inn as well as making a little extra money. She also tutors children locally and receives leads through her tutoring web site Dahlonega Tutor.

I am the environmentalist in the family and sell eco friendly products on our web site Eco Store. I sell composting toilets and composters primarily but am always looking for additional products. Guests frequently ask about starting businesses using their skills or interests and I created another web site, web income that covers the topic.

Whatever income sources we have discovered fit into our right livelihood philosophy. Our inn is eco friendly because that fits our passion. Our side income opportunities also relate to who we are.

Yurt Video on Web Site

24 Feb

We have added our first video on our web site showing the yurts, features and distance to the inn. It is also posted on You Tube and MySpace.

We hope to add other videos of the inn in the future to give potential guests a better understanding of what we offer as well as area and eco friendly information.

New Photos on Inn Website

13 Jun

We are pleased to have new photos on our web site that do a much better job at depicting what Cedar House Inn & Yurts is all about. Gary and Cheryl Zahora are good friends that visit us from Florida. This is their second visit. They love to stay in a yurt.

Gary is a professional photographer and spent a great deal of time using his new digital camera to take some great pictures of the inn, yurts and grounds. They turned out so well that we added them to our web site.

Thanks Gary for the great pictures. We also enjoy Cheryl’s great sense of humor and dry wit.
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